Hawaiian Airlines steps in to correct huge bills charged to passengers’ credit cards

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What looked like a good deal for some Hawaiian Airlines customers ended up being a double dose of bad news.

Not only did they not get the low-cost flights due to a glitch, they also saw huge bills on their credit cards.

KHON2 reported Thursday night about the glitch that let some customers book flights for zero miles.

They later got an e-mail saying their trips were canceled due to an error.

One man got charged a whopping $674,000 for the flight.

Thousands of people booked flights on Monday thinking they were getting a good deal.

It looked like flights could be purchased for zero miles, with customers paying only taxes on the fares. 

But the airline said it was a glitch for two hours. 1,300 tickets were issued.

Arlo Villanueva and his wife bought some of those tickets. 

On Thursday they received an e-mail from Hawaiian Airlines

“They were going to cancel the charges, and I guess we would get reimbursed,” said Arlo Villanueva.

As the e-mails were sent out, some Hawaiian miles members looked at their bank statements and saw they were charged hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Last night my wife decided to go on our Hawaiian miles to check what kind of charges was charged and there were multiple charges of $96,000 dollars and it all added up to $600,000.”

Hawaiian Airlines said less than 15-percent of customers had their accounts overcharged. 

The airline said they became aware of the situation late Tuesday and began working with their credit card processor to reverse the charges.

Bank of Hawaii said that Hawaiian Airlines said Friday afternoon all transactions have been reversed and it should take one to two business days. 

We spoke to the Hawaii Bankers Association who reached out to some of the banks. 

They say the affected customers will have no financial impacts, meaning their credit or paying higher fees for the overcharges.

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