Four people arrested after brazen daytime robbery

Local News

Four people were arrested late this afternoon following a brazen daytime robbery in the Ala Moana area. 

The case started before 4 p.m. when police got a call about the incident — which happened at a home. 

Honolulu Police Lt. David Ardren says, “a call was for a male with two females that had a couple of dangerous instruments in their possession and they just robbed four victims in that area.”

Police say one of the victims suffered minor injuries in the robbery.

Patrol officers were put on alert about the robbery suspect’s vehicle — and a phone call led officers to Dole Street.

Ardren says, “We were called by a person that actually saw the vehicle parked over here and we responded. And we already knew that that was the robbery suspect vehicle.”

That area of Dole Street provides access to H-1 Freeway Ewa-bound — but it was briefly closed for the police investigation.

Police arrested the man for first-degree robbery. Three females were also arrested — but for outstanding warrants.

The man appeared to be injured. 

Lt. Ardren says, “The male, he did try to run, so the officers had to do a short foot pursuit and while arresting and detaining him, he incurred some injuries.”

Within three hours of the call reporting the robbery, the suspect and possibly his accomplices, were in handcuffs.

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