Former sumo wrestler appeals to community in wake of burglaries

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Former sumo wrestler Salevaa Atisanoe, also known as Konishiki, is speaking out after his home in Maili has been burglarized twice in the last few months.

He’s frustrated by how much the community is being targeted by thieves, and told KHON2 Honolulu police can’t seem to do anything about it.

HPD’s crimemapping website shows that in the past two months there were 22 burglaries in the area, nine car thefts and 24 car break-ins.

Now, neighbors are banding together to do something about it. Atisanoe, who also lives in Japan, took his message to Facebook to get residents in the area to help each other out.

“I’m sitting here all disgusted about the news I hear about another ripoff at my house in Maili,” he told KHON2 by phone from Japan.

You can sense the frustration from thousands of miles away. He says thieves broke into his house last week for the second time in recent months.

“I think it’s our duty. We cannot depend on the law. The cops don’t do nothing, you know. All our neighbors in this outreach, everyone has been complaining about getting ripped off and nothing has been done,” Atisanoe said.

Leo Leao, a family friend who has been staying in the house, says windows were broken in the first incident. A compressor and a bicycle were stolen last week.

“This time they just took what they need. Probably worth money for them to sell it, I don’t know what they do with it,” Leao said.

Leao says that during both incidents, the gate was locked overnight but it’s easy enough for just anybody to hop over the fence and get in the property.

Atisanoe told us that he’s hearing about similar crimes from neighbors all around him.

“I don’t know if they don’t have enough cops on our side or what it is. It’s kind of a normal thing now people ripping off,” he said.

Atisanoe says a lot of it has to do with the growing homeless population in the area.

Next door neighbor Daniel Grounds got a scare from one of them when his wife found a man sleeping in their dog house, just a few feet from their bedroom.

“I decided, okay I’m gonna defend myself if he wakes up, so I told my wife call the police. If he wakes up, I’m gonna send him into orbit,” Grounds said.

HPD says catching burglars is a priority, but it’s important for residents to help each other out. Atisanoe hopes that message is heard by his neighbors.

“We’re gonna create a neighborhood network where we can all keep each other informed. Hey somebody tried to break in, they tried to come in through the window,” Grounds said.

“I guess we better go clean this place up. To all my brothers and my family out there, you hear anything, let’s clean this place up,” Atisanoe said.

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