Former Kamehameha Schools teacher found guilty

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Former Kamehmahe Schools teacher Gabriel Alisna found guilty of secretly videotaping his students in the shower during overnight stays at his apartment in 2013.

The verdict comes five years after Alisna committed the crime. Judge Rom Trader handed down the decision saying that Alisna, without a shadow of a doubt, was guilty on all charges. 

“The court finds and concludes that the defendant has committed each and every one of these crimes,” Jude Trader said.

Judge Trader said the evidence proved Alisna intentionally and knowingly placed the video cameras in his shower to capture images of his students.

Two cameras retrieved were disguised as clothes hooks, with at least one of them placed in the shower at waist level. 

“He was a trusted member of that particular community… the defendant abused that position of trust,” Judge Trader said.

Prosecuting attorney Lynn Costales said the victims were shattered by what happened.

“Complete betrayal by somebody that they were very close to that they trusted that served as their mentor,” Costales said.

Costales said she is pleased with the court’s decision. “we’re glad that justice is finally being served.

The verdict does give some closure to the victims but Alisna is still awaiting trial on two charges of sexual assault. 

Alisna is also accused of sexual assault in the 4th degree, which are misdemeanor charges. The trial date for those counts is set for February 2019.

After today’s verdict, he had little to say, but his attorney said they do plan to appeal the decision.

“We’re disappointed but we’re not discouraged the case is not over so we just have to take the next step, ” said Keith Shigetomi, Alisna’s attorney.

Alisna will be bask in court for sentencing on January 9. He faces up to five years for each of the five counts of violation of privacy. 

The school agreed to pay a $5 million settlement to three parents and four former students.

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