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Ewa Beach community seek to end dumping and trespassing at local park

HONOLULU (KHON2) - Ewa Beach residents say they've had it with the trash at a Oneula Beach Park, or Hau Bush, and are looking to lawmakers to crack down and fix up the area.

Penny Parnes says she used to run at One'ula Beach Park, but she doesn't anymore. Now she's one of the people who participate monthly to clean it up.

"We're collecting between two and three thousand pounds of rubbish each cleanup, and thats just during the organized cleanups that we're actually weighing and measuring," said Parnes, a resident of Ewa Beach herself. "Thats not even counting the individual weekly cleanups that members and other volunteer groups and other community members are doing."

She says they've had to pick up things from tires, industrial cleaners, rugs, patio doors and even human waste.

"So if you total it up thats 30,000 pounds of rubbish in the past year that if 808 cleanups was not picking up... I mean you've seen Oneula beach park. Its not perfect. But now picture it with another thousand pounds of rubbish on it," said Parnes.

She says 808 cleanups has had to adopt it as one of the parks they clean monthly.

"There does have to be a need and there does have to be a volunteer base to adopt a site  to do it and theres a tremendous need at Oneula beach park," said Parnes. "Right now we're passing through, I don't want to say its the worst of times, but its a bad time."

City council member Kymberly Marcos Pine, whose district includes Ewa Beach, Kapolei and Makakilo, agrees that action needs to be taken immediately.

"Our goal is, we just want a simple park thats drug and crime and vandalism free. We want simple improvements like fixing the road to the beach park area. We want to see more protection of the park by police and other security measures," said Marcos Pine.

She says the Oneula Beach Park needs more funding and focus from the city, like other parks in other districts. She says there were even multiple years when the park didn't have a useable restroom for park-goers.

"The city recently released a million dollars to improve the fields and improve security measures at the park to prevent vandalism and destruction of city property, and so we're still waiting for those improvements," said Marcos Pine.

During Thursday night's meeting to address the improvements that need to be made to the park, community members got to voice their concerns and what steps need to be taken to clean-up the park.

While it may still take years for action to take place, 808 Cleanups says they will continue to do their part, as well as other groups. They say their monthly cleanup for Oneula Beach Park will take place this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. They say it's open to the public and trash bags and supplies will be provided.

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