Delays plague Makiki rockfall work

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Makiki residents say they’re getting more frustrated over a city construction project that continues to face delays.

It’s been nearly a year since the city started the Prospect Street rock fall mitigation project.

Not only has it been delayed, but residents say the work has taken away dozens of street parking spaces in an area where parking is hard to find.

“There was at least 40 parking spots here,” said Makiki resident April Williams. For Williams, having a parking spot near her Makiki apartment was crucial when she signed her lease, but after she signed the lease things quickly changed.

“I came and there was absolutely no parking and they put up the no parking signs,” said Williams.

That is because the City is doing rock fall mitigation work on Prospect Street. “What it consists of is putting up wire mesh and some concrete barriers to prevent rocks from entering the road,” said Robert Kroning, director of the Department of Design and Construction.

The project was supposed to be done in December, but ran into some delays.

“There was one significant problem,” said Kroning. “The soil conditions were not expected and so we had to go back to the designer and have them redesign.”

The city tells KHON2 that while most of the work is done, there are a few things left to do .

“There has to be an inspection of the project and that will happen next week and then there’s a period of landscaping,” said Kroning. That landscaping will take about three months. The work will be to fix the areas crews had to tear up.

So when can residents start to park on the mauka side of Prospect Street?

“We do know people park there and they have for a long time. It is not permitted, according to the city traffic codes,” Kroning said.

That’s right. The city says you’re not supposed to park along that part of Prospect Street in the first place.

So what did residents have to say when they found out?

Steven Hurst, who lives in the area, couldn’t believe it. “There is absolutely no reason there shouldn’t be parking there,” he said.

The rock fall mitigation project cost the city $1.1 million.

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