City workers to see minimum wage increase this summer

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Some city workers will likely be seeing higher paychecks starting this summer. 

Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced plans to raise the minimum wage for about 1,000 city workers in his state of the city address Thursday night.  

Currently, about 10% of city workers make minimum wage is $10.10/hour. 

“The high cost of living here on this island and in this state is driving people away,” Mayor Caldwell said. β€œThe sad news is on the island of Oahu, over the last couple of years our population has actually shrunk.”

“That’s why it’s so important to give everyone the opportunity to make a living wage, so they can live here,” he said. 

Mayor Caldwell said he was disappointed the minimum wage bill at the state legislature fell through. 

The majority of jobs that will see an increase are part-time jobs, although some are full-time.

Jobs and departments included are:  911 emergency response operators, park attendants, parking violations, security attendant, and ticket taker at places like the Blaisdell. 

The pay increase will initially cost the city $2.4 million.

The cost was already factored into the 2020 budget, which the city council is set to approve next week.

“What it says is that we value the work of our entry-level positions and that we’re sensitive to the cost of living here in Honolulu,” said budget chair Joey Manahan. 

Manahan said most employees are already making between $13 and $14, but says there won’t be any impact on city services with the higher wages.

Other jobs that could see a bump include summer fun camp counselors and other clerical jobs.

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