City says crews ahead of schedule in repaving island’s worst roads

Local News

The city says it’s ahead of schedule when it comes to fixing the island’s roads.

So far, the city has repaved 2,000 lane miles and filled over 16,000 potholes.

As crews finish up repaving the remaining streets, the city says it’s now trying to maintain what was already done.

“We do have less roads to do now, because we’ve done so many, so we’ll slow down a little bit in terms of the number of roads we need to get to,” said Robert Kroning, director of the city Department of Design and Construction.

Ross Sasamura, director of the city Department of Facility Maintenance, says pothole repairs are on a downward trend, and “that trend is reflective of all the work that’s being put into all the rehabilitation of city streets.”

Streets up next on the city’s list include S. King Street, Beretania street, and streets in Manoa.

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