Captured: Katherine Saneewong

Local News

**Editor’s note: Katherine Saneewong was featured on Hawaii’s Most Wanted on Saturday, Sept. 12. She was arrested on Monday, Sept. 14.**

On Monday, Honolulu police arrested Katherine Saneewong, who was wanted for five warrants totaling nearly $2 million after failing to appear at hearings.

“In one of these cases on Feb. 28, 2014, Saneewong did an online application to New City Nissan using someone else’s identification,” said Crimestoppers Sgt. Kim Buffett. “The person who it belonged to received a call from the credit bureau, asking her if she recently submitted an application. She contacted New City Nissan and submitted a photocopy of her I.D. and told them her identity had been stolen.”

Later that afternoon, a woman went to the dealership, test drove a vehicle and said she wanted to buy it. The finance manager who was aware of the situation, called police.

“As the police were on their way, the female got a phone call from a male that was in the parking lot,” Buffett added. “She jumped up and fled out the back door of the dealership. As the officers approached, the male attempted to leave the lot but didn’t know his way out and collided into two parked vehicles. Both of the occupants fled on foot and the female was caught.”

The 29-year-old Saneewong has eight prior convictions.

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