Bulky item appointment system draws complaints

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Illegal dumping of bulky items has long been a problem.

However, the city’s new appointment system for bulky item pick-ups has some residents upset — as garbage continues to pile up.

If everybody followed the rules about bulky item pick-up — we would not have this story to tell you. 

But they don’t — so old mattresses, televisions, even toilets — get dumped on city streets.

One block of the very narrow Hikina Lane in Kapalama has become a regular dumping ground. 

Some nearby residents don’t have enough space in front of their homes, so their bulky items get placed along a fence. But some of the junk has been dumped here by outsiders.

The City knows about it. A crew slapped stickers on many of the items — ordering that they be removed.

Phil Reinhardt called the City to complain.

“They should have taken away all the trash when they came instead of putting stickers on there. Because some of these items have been here for three months.”

His neighbor Sarah Tatemichi was upset too. she says, had she known the City had been there, she would have insisted more be done.

“I want something done because if they’re going to blame each and every one of us, who are they to blame? So many people come and just dump their things, you know, it’s not all of us.”

Property owners can be fined $250 for piles of bulky items.

The fine for illegal dumping is $2,500.

People with bulky item appointments should put their items out for pickup the night before, or the morning of the scheduled time. 

That way, the items won’t serve as an invitation for others to add their junk to the pile. 

A city spokesman suggests taking a photo of what you have set out. If someone does add to the pile, take a picture of that, too — and call 9-1-1 to report illegal dumping.

You can also use the city’s 311 app for reporting illegal dumping at City properties, because the app will route the complaint to the proper department.

Otherwise, a phone complaint can be made. Here are some helpful phone numbers and email addresses from the City’s opala.org website:

Department of Environmental Services, 768-3200 Mon. through Sat., 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Illegal Dumping 768-3203

Refuse and Recycling Services (public information/requests) 768-3200

Refuse Division 768-3401

Email addresses (emails should be answered within three business days).

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