Bill would limit liability for volunteers maintaining dilapidated Pearl City cemetery

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Same problem, different day.

Sunset Memorial Park has trash on the ground, and overgrown vegetation.

Peter Fernando, who has family buried at the cemetery, was one of several people taking the cleanup and maintenance into his own hands on Saturday.

“How can you enjoy your loved ones that has passed, to come to a place like this? It’s terrible,” Fernando said.

“My only concern is that there are not enough people come out and help out, cut the grass.” Roy Olomenu, who also has family buried at Sunset Memorial said.

KHON2 previously reported that people wanted to help, but were limited to what they could do because of liability issues.

Still, some do the work anyway.

Lawmakers have introduced a bill (HB1245) that would limit liability for injury or damage for volunteers maintaining and repairing the cemetery.

Limits liability for persons maintaining or repairing cemetery grounds. Requires the director of commerce and consumer affairs, in consultation with the comptroller, to develop strategies for repair and maintenance of Sunset Memorial Park in Pearl City, Oahu. Requires report to Legislature.

It would also require the director of commerce and consumer affairs to work with the comptroller to develop a plan for repairs and maintenance.

Atonio Luafalealo visits his parents grave site twice a week. Luafalealo keeps polish at the cemetery and brings a leaf blower to do regular maintenance.

“If you leave it too long, I think the dust and dirt is going to stay on the thing. And hard to clean if it [sits too long]. If I come two times a week, it’s easier to clean it,” Luafalealo explained.

KHON2 reached out to state representative Gregg Takayama, who introduced the bill, and will follow up when we hear back.

If the bill is passed, DCCA would have until 2018 to come up with that repairs and maintenance plan.

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