Bill would ban pedestrians from using cell phones in crosswalks

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Crossing the street while using your cell phone could one day get you in trouble.

State lawmakers are looking over House Bill 2723, which would prohibit pedestrians from crossing a street, road or highway while using an electronic mobile device.

“My phone is really important. It’s my lifeline to everything, really,” said bank manager Deborah Ing. “I’m sure everybody is the same. For those who don’t, it’s kind of unusual. It’s kind of rare, right?”

“It kind of sucks. Everyone’s using their phone nowadays, but it’s technology,” said Gabriella Celedon, a student at Hawaii Pacific University. “We’ve advanced and everyone’s going to keep on walking anyway, like you’ll always be listening to music, always going to be on your phone.”

The House Committee on Transportation deferred the bill Wednesday.

In 2011, the Honolulu City Council tried to get similar legislation passed, but that bill eventually died.

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