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Aina Haina family asks for help recovering stolen ashes after burglary

HONOLULU (KHON2) - An Aina Haina family is asking for help after being victims of a break-in. Along with precious valuables being stolen, thieves also took the cremated remains of two family members.

The break-in happened just a few days after Christmas. Kai Ohashi, the elderly homeowner's grandson, says the thief broke in through a bathroom window and made away with almost $10,000 dollars worth of items.

"We noticed that there was a lot of items on the ground and the place looked like it was ransacked," said Ohashi. "It was disheartening you know..."

Among the items taken were jewelry, artwork, Japanese dolls, and the most heart-breaking of all, the urns that held his grandfather's and aunt's ashes.

"The ashes definitely were extremely important. My grandfather was a huge part of our life," said Ohashi. "My auntie had passed away in October or so, and we had her ashes cremated."

He says he still understand why the thieves did it.

"Like why would you steal that? It makes no sense. What are you going to do with that? Who's going to buy used urns or ashes?," said Ohashi.

Ohashi thinks the thief must have known which house to hit.

"She was in and out of the hospital, so I think they probably took advantage of that," said Ohashi. "She has dementia so its hard for her to really understand what's happening."

Since the break in, they've upped security at the home, but that won't replace what they've lost. 

"We hope we can catch these people or get the urns and ashes back at least. That's something that's pretty invaluable to our family," said Ohashi.

The Honolulu Police Department says they currently don't have any suspects in this case, but if you have any information on this case to call HPD or Crimestoppers. To submit a tip or call in to Crimestoppers, you can visit their website here.

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