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'I want truth.' Saint Francis School parents express anger after shocking announcement

HONOLULU (KHON2) - Parents of Saint Francis School students sounded off at a meeting with officials on Wednesday.

This comes after the shocking announcement that grades 7 through 12 would close at the end of this school year. 

Many parents expressed anger, disappointment and hurt that the school had not been more transparent with them and that the financial problems were not shared with them sooner.

"I want truth. Just come out and say it. You know, 'we screwed up, it's a financial mishap,' fine," parent Lani Holbron said.  "Now, you know, but don't ask us to make a commitment when we don't know even if the school's going to be open." 

"This is just really an unfortunate thing and a lot of parents are scrambling at the moment, but it's life, we've got to move on and see where he can go next year," parent Steven Wong said.

"We understand and appreciate their anger. And what we tried to explain to them was that the board had been working for years to try to not get to this point. And unfortunately it reached the time where it couldn't operate anymore," Randall Yee, chair of the Saint Francis Board of Directors said.

If Saint Francis can't meet its enrollment target, it may have to shutdown altogether.

That decision is expected at the end of March. 

Other private schools like Maryknoll, Waldorf and Mid-Pacific Institute are stepping in to help students by extending the deadline to apply and waiving application fees.

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