Local fisherman catches huge marlin on recreational watercraft


It’s not every day that someone catches an extra large marlin.

A local man didn’t need a boat to catch it. He caught it on a recreational watercraft.

David Williams had no idea that when he went out to fish on his recreational watercraft, that he’d be coming back with a legendary catch.

“Headed out to Kaena Point, trying to fish out there for a while and nothing was really happening. So I headed over to one of the buoys and I had bait on me, live opelu, and I sent that one out. Within maybe five minutes of it being in the water, I hooked up the marlin and then the fight was on,” said Williams.

Williams is a new recreational watercraft fisher. He didn’t think he’d run into such a massive fish.

“My thoughts going through my head when I hooked up to it was pretty much disbelief,” said Williams. “You know, I hooked up and it started jumping right away. I couldn’t believe it. I could tell right away that it was a marlin, because it was jumping, and I was just like shocked and screaming like hoooo, doing one of those things.”

It took him 45 minutes to reel in the catch, a large marlin that was bigger than himself.

“It was almost longer than my jet ski. I had to tie it to the gills and the mouth and drag it in,” said Williams.

However, he’s not exactly sure what its weight is.

“I didn’t get to actually weigh it because I didn’t know anyone… I didn’t have access to a scale big enough, but if I had to guess it was between 160 to 200 pounds,” said Williams.

He says recreational watercraft fishing is more difficult than normal fishing. 

“It’s definitely more challenging than a boat because there’s other issues such as if it does pull the wrong way there is a possibility of it flipping a ski over so you’ve got to be careful with it,” said Williams.

After he caught the fish, Williams said he shared it with family and friends.

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