The “Amazing Comic Con Aloha” at the Hawaii Convention Center is this weekend, featuring characters from Marvel and D.C. and even a few “local” heroes.

One of the artists featured at the Con is local Sam Campos who is a local comic artist known for making comics based on Hawaii life and culture. His creation, “Pineapple Man”, the superhero, is well-known in Hawaii and even on the mainland. 

With the Amazing Comic Con Aloha going on this weekend, Campos decided to create a new hero to fight crime representing Hawaii.

“The Hawaiian avenger Kanaka is a thing I just came up with last week. I wanted to come up with something cool and fun for this convention, because Amazing Comic Con really supports local artists, and I cannot thank them enough,” said Campos.

“We worked all night and last weekend. We worked pretty much three days straight on it and my colorists worked two days nonstop on it,” said Campos.

He says Hawaiian and Polynesian influences inspired the hero.

“I think that Hawaii hasn’t been represented properly, and thats the reason that I started doing comics in the first place,” said Campos. “We get an opportunity to be creative, yet share Hawaii as we see it because we have a lot to offer the world so thats what we do.”

He’s worked with other artists through the Hawaiian Comic Book Alliance, which he created for artists to share ideas, and even inspired a new generation.

“I was almost crying like a little girl about 20 minutes ago because I got my first fan art of the Hawaiian Avenger Kanaka. My very first fan art,” said Campos.

But the main message he wants to spread, is to follow your heart.

“I hated my job, and I wanted to do something different. So, I hope people know to just wait, don’t ask permission to do what you love, just do it,” said Campos.