After nearly a year of deliberation, public comments, and community meetings, the U.S. Postal Service has decided to close the Lihue Post Office on Rice Street.

Postal officials say all services will be relocated to the Carrier Annex facility near the airport, which is a little over a mile away.

The decision, they say, is final.

According to a news release:

“The Postal Service has determined that the relocation is the optimal solution to satisfy its need to improve operational efficiency and reduce the financial burdens facing the organization. The relocation will allow the Lihue Post Office to consolidate its delivery and retail operations, which are currently split between the two facilities.

“The Postal Service carefully considered the concerns about the relocation proposal expressed at community meetings held in Lihue on Feb. 23 and Oct. 11 and in appeals and comments received before and after those meetings.”

The Lihue Post Office will remain open until the transition is complete.

A spokesman says the timeline has yet to be determined.

The Carrier Annex will require some build out, and the postal service is looking to secure a buyer for the Rice Street building.