Libby Manapua Shop serves final treats as shop closes today


Libby Manapua Shop in Kalihi served its final treats on Saturday on its last day of business.

The line to get in went around the corner and up the block. It was busy all morning with some fan favorites like the pork hash getting sold out in the first couple of hours and all food selling out at about 1:30 p.m.
Many people say they just found out today that Libby’s was shutting down and they had to come one last time to get that classic pink box.

“We just heard on social media that they were closing down, so we came to check it out, maybe get a last of their manapua,” said Randall Cayco, a longtime customer.

Some people travelled from the other side of the island. Melissa Lishman says she drove in from Waipahu to give the next generation a taste of Libby’s one last time.

“I have been coming for my whole life, my mom would actually bring pork hash and manapua to me when I was little. I used to live in Kalihi,” said Lishman. “When I heard they were closing, I was really sad. I wanted to bring my son so that he could experience Libby’s, because I had never brought him before.”

Corbyn Pate travelled all the way from Kaneohe. She says she’s been taking her children to get manapua there since they were little.

“It’s very sad to see another iconic place close down. There’s been so many that closed recently. It’s kind of sad to see.”

Libby Manapua Shop is closing just months after other local favorites like Wailana Coffee House and Mocha Java Cafe closed. 

But people say they won’t forget the great food and more importantly the memories that come with it.

“Since we live in the country and we come to town, that was always the bonus spot, was coming to Libby’s,” said Pate. “After all the errands were run, to get a Libby’s manapua… the pink box.”

The business would not disclose to KHON2 the details of why its closing.

It opened in 1962. In 2012, it celebrated 50 years of business according to the company’s website.

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