Lawmakers to vote on bill aimed at speeding up removal of abandoned cars


The state legislature will soon hold a final vote on a bill that would require counties to remove the cars within 10 days.

The 10 day requirement would take affect after the car is determined to be abandoned, not from the date is reported to the county.

Cars dumped on the sides of roads have been a big problem for communities.

“It’s becoming an epidemic where vehicles are stolen and just left abandoned, stripped and sometimes even burned, “said Waianae Rep. Cedric Gates. “At one point, I was driving down a five mile stretch in my district and seen and counted more than 30 cars, just in a small section.”

In addition, the bill also gets rid of the requirement that counties must auction off abandoned vehicles.

Many of the cars that have been taken in are beyond salvageable.

Allowing counties the option to scrap the cars saves time and frees up space in tow yards to bring in more vehicles off the streets.

In a statement City Department of Customer Services Director Sheri Kajiwara said: “The city is very grateful for and pleased with the collaborative effort between state legislators and the county agencies. The city agrees with the need to address abandoned vehicles in a timely manner and will make the commitment to have them removed within 10 days of the vehicle being determined as abandoned. But more than just creating rules, Representative Cedric Gates and Senator Maile S.L. Shimabukuro and their committees attempted to understand the real challenges that exist in dealing with abandoned vehicles and amended the laws to allow the counties greater flexibility in processing. By redefining a derelict, removing the requirement to auction, and allowing the counties to adopt rules, they have helped to create a more efficient process moving forward.”

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