Lawmakers pass bill to raise tobacco age limit to 21 in Hawaii


Hawaii is poised to become the first state in the nation to ban the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products to anybody under age 21.

The state’s legislature passed a bill on friday raising the minimum legal age to 21 from 18, to buy tobacco or e-cigarettes.

Under the bill, anyone caught breaking the law would face a 10 dollar fine for the first offense, and higher fines after that.

The bill is now before Governor David Ige, whose signature would make it law in hawaii next year.

It’s not clear if he will sign it.

But on Friday, he did approve legislation banning the the use of e-cigarettes in all locations where smoking is illegal.

46 U.S. states permit the sale of tobacco to anyone 18 or older.

Alabama, Alaska, New Jersey and Utah require customers to be at least 19.

Dozens of cities and towns, including New York City, have already raised the minimum legal age for tobacco purchases to 21.

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