There’s an aggressive bill moving through the Senate that bans the use and sale of plastics. We’re talking about plastic bottles, utensils, and straws to name a few. 

This measure is a huge crackdown on eliminating plastic pollution. However, one company that’s against it says this type of ban is actually damaging to the state. 

The measure would ban plastic items like water bottles, utensils, straws, and foam containers by state and county agencies after July 1, 2021, and then by food and beverage businesses in 2022. Under the proposal, it bans the distribution and sale of plastic bags in the year 2023. 

Adrian Hong, president of Island Plastic Bags, tells us the way the measure is written now and as he reads it, it means that trash liners could be banned. If that’s the case, it would hurt places where trash liners are used like at hospitals. 

“We wouldn’t be able to supply plastic bags, trash liners, that would create very dangers and unsanitary condition for especially old people, said Hong. “Under the bill, any form of plastic bag would be banned in a few years. So people couldn’t buy bags at Times Supermarket, trash liners. So consumers would have to wash their containers as they did back in the old days. Very unsanitary. More chances of salmonella and naturally born illnesses.”

Senator Kalani English, one of the introducers of the proposal, says on Tuesday the Ways and Means committee passed the measure with a defective date. That means the proposal will have to go to conference committee to iron out more of the details and possibly add some exemptions. 

“It’s our acknowledgment that they are still working on the bill,” said Sen. English. “It is a bold move to do this, but we have to do it. You know the United Nations is putting out statistics that by 2050 more than half of the ocean will have more plastics than fish. Think about that?”

The proposal would also create a plastic source reduction working group to make recommendations.