State lawmakers want answers from the Honolulu Police Department as to why it allowed a rave party to continue for more than two hours, even after officers responded to the scene.

HPD says it received more than two dozen complaints from the party that was held two weekends ago in a parking lot in Kakaako. Roughly 500 people were there.

State lawmakers and city council members wrote a letter to Honolulu Mayor Kirk Kaldwell, asking him to investigate why HPD did not stop the party.

Lawmakers say it should have been stopped right away, but HPD says officers handled it the best way possible to avoid anyone getting hurt.

The rave party went on until about 1:30 a.m. at a parking lot. Nearby residents started calling 911 by 11 p.m. complaining about the noise, and police officers arrived.

But residents were also confused why the noise continued.

House Speaker Scott Saiki, who represents the area, wants to know why.

“The noise should have stopped. The crowd should have been dispersed. This occurred between two high-rise residential towers,” he said.

Saiki says the party was in violation of the disorderly conduct law, and police should have done what was necessary to stop it.

“The party occurred Saturday night into early Sunday morning. It was outdoors. There was loud music. There were crowds. There were cars all over the place. This clearly fell within the disorderly conduct statute,” he said.

Saiki is asking the mayor to investigate. A spokesman for Caldwell’s office says the mayor has been in contact with HPD and the property owner.

We also reached out to HPD for answers. A spokeswoman for HPD says officers wanted to stop the event shortly after they arrived at 11:10 p.m., but had to locate the promoter and ask for more backup. She says there were serious concerns for everyone there, and that includes the police officers.

“Could it be handled differently?” KHON2 asked Saiki.

“It just tells me that the crowd and the party were out of control and there needed to be some law enforcement going on that night. The police should have called more officers in as backups,” he said.

Saiki adds that he just wants to make sure police officers will be able to enforce the law if it does happen again.

KHON2 asked the property owner again Wednesday if he plans to allow another event like that one. He says he doesn’t know.

The Hawaii Community Development Authority says a permit would be needed, but it would not allow a permit for an event like that.