Las Vegas man tricks thieves with smelly delivery


LAS VEGAS (KTNV/CNN) — A Las Vegas homeowner got tired of delivery packages disappearing from his doorstep, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“One day I kind of just thought about cleaning up the poop and putting it in a box and that’s what I did,” Eric Bardo said. “I put it in there, and taped it up and wrote the address on it and it sat out there for four days and they finally came and got it.”

A surveillance camera above the front door captured the man taking the box, while the camera above the garage revealed his accomplice.

The video has since gone viral.

Fed up with all the recent reports of local package theft, Burdo felt dog poop was the perfect way to tell thieves to stay away.

Not only was he trying to teach them a lesson, he also wanted to make sure his new surveillance cameras were in good spots.

Burdo says he bought the cameras because someone broke into his car a few months after he moved in.

He put the package on his porch Sunday, but it wasn’t taken until Thursday.

When he sat through the surveillance video, Burdo says he was shocked at how young the perpetrators looked. He expected them to be much older.

He says he purposely left police out of the situation.

“I didn’t want to call them and say somebody stole a box a poop off of my front porch,” Burdo said.

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