L.A. Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys ticket resales bring up questions about scalping laws

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After scalping went rampant for Bruno Mars’ concert last year, lawmakers tried to change the law to stop re-sellers from being able to sell tickets for way more than they cost. 

Bills including HB 1166, and HB 130 and SB 611 targetted scalpers and bots. However, those efforts have stalled at the Capitol.

Now we’re seeing tickets for the L.A. Rams and Dallas Cowboys game going for as much as 10 times more than they were first sold for. Some prices even reached into thousands of dollars. 

“For me its frustrating because you’re trying to get these tickets that your team is coming to play and we don’t have an NFL team,” said T. Alana, Papakolea resident. “You know being in Hawaii, it’s not too often we get entertainment like this to come down. For people to take advantage of that and the people here, for one it’s wrong and for two, I understand that people are trying to make money, but c’mon thats ridiculous.”

Alana believes things need to change.

“I want these scalpers not to be able to come in and steal all these tickets, you know just make scalping illegal. There still will be people scalping tickets, but it wont be as easy for them to do it, you know,” said Alana.

Stephen Levins, executive director of the Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection says he testified in support of previous scalping bills because they would prevent respec sales, which are sales in which tickets are promised, but the seller doesn’t physically have them.

He says it’s even more problematic here in Hawaii since many people have to travel to a different island and plan accommodations.

“If you’re buying tickets, you should be able to know you’re guaranteed those tickets and thats what we’re hoping that that proposed legislation was going to take care of,” said Levins.

He says bot sales is another problem legislation and sellers need to tackle.

“Ticket brokers or sellers can do a better job of making sure that they guard against these tickets bots from securing these tickets,” said Levins.

New legislation on scalping may be introduced during next year’s session as well.

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