Kupuna Caregiver: Daughter moves to Hawaii and goes ‘holo holo’ with mother

Kupuna Caregiver

Everyday is a blessing for Peggy White because back in 2011 her mother ML was dying.

“She wasn’t doing well at all. She wasn’t walking, talking eating or moving. They called it a failure to thrive. I asked how long does she have, and they said probably 8 to10 days,” says White.      

Peggy vowed to take care of her mother never leaving her side.

“When I came here I had a house, a husband, a two car garage, a swimming pool all in Southern California, I’m a psychologist with my own private practice, I had a whole life,” says White. 

Some would say White sacrificed a lot for her mom but she doesn’t see it that way.

“It never felt like a sacrifice, again it’s truly and honor and a blessing. If I felt like I was sacrificing, that probably would have involved suffering, resistance, resentment, I don’t have any of that,” says White.

Now their days are filled with singing, laughing and lots of activities.

“Some of her favorite things is drive around the island, that’s holoholo. Holoholo everyday, she likes having lunch at the art museum, followed by a movie at the Doris Duke Theater,” says White.

When asked if she likes to go holoholo, White’s mother laughs “Oh do I ever, haha. Oh my goodness.”

“And her license plate, you got to look at it, is yay fun, it’s her whole life, it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing,” says White.

“See people don’t know that. It’s a choice minute by minute. Would you rather be happy or grouchy or sad or sick? I choose to be happy,” says White’s Mother.

What makes ML happy is her daily glass of wine.

“Her main thing is out at the table, every night at sunset with wine at 5 o’clock. We work our whole day around that, being out at the table,” says White.

When asked what her daughter means to her, White’s mother gleams “Oh, she is life itself. The epitome of a happy life. I don’t have to be alone.”

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