HONOLULU (KHON2) — Those opposed to the Na Pua Makani wind project have formed a line to block the construction of wind turbines in Kahuku Sunday night, October 13.

The Na Pua Makani wind project promises to reduce Oahu’s dependence on fossil fuels by building eight wind turbines on the North Shore.

But many opposed to the project have gathered in Kahuku before the start of planned road closures for construction. The Ku Kia’i Kahuku group tells KHON that hundreds marched through Kahuku along with a convoy of nearly 100 cars to protest the wind turbines.

“We are fighting for our community. We need everyone to understand we will stand in kapu aloha, and will stand and continue to fight this project for as long as we need to,” said Jessica dos Santos of the Ku Kia’i Kahuku.

The Kiai say that they have no plans on moving.

Possible traffic delays on the freeway will begin Sunday night. The road closures on the North Sore will start Monday night, October 14.