King Tides wash out beaches in Waikiki


King Tides and a high surf advisory for south facing shores mixed for a dangerous ocean cocktail this evening in Hawaii.

High tide at 5:10pm with the King Tides flooded to the promenade of Kuhio Beach in Waikiki, an unusual sight.

The high surf advisory, which expired at 6:00 pm, will slightly diminish Thursday, as will the King Tides. Despite the subsiding, Ocean Safety Officials are warning that there will be unusual currents throughout the state.

“We are expecting a little bit of a south swell similar to what we’re seeing today.” Captain Kurt Lager said.

“There’s gonna be long lulls and periods of sets head high or slightly over head at times, so that could cause a lot of dangerous currents.”

Rip tides and strong currents are especially dangerous for keiki.

“Be mindful of that, and parents with kids, we strongly urge you to stay with your kids. There’s gonna be tens of thousands of people at some of these beaches and it’s very easy to lose sight of them.” Captain Lager added.

King Tides are tied to the the lunar calendar and appear during a full moon or a new moon, which happened on Tuesday morning. High tide Wednesday reached 2.53 feet.

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