Kids continue to dart across busy Kamehameha Highway with no crossing guard


Some North Shore parents are frustrated that children continue to dart across the highway fronting their school without a crossing guard.

The Department of Education said the principal at Sunset Beach Elementary is working on finding a replacement, however many parents here say not enough is being done.

It’s been one month since crossing guard Tony Samuels was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Parents were hopeful a replacement would be in place by now.

“Not enough is being done, there’s still no crossing guard, there’s no help, the police have come from time to time to show their presence, which has helped but we need more,” said Wesley Liquorish, Sunset Beach Elementary parent.

On Sept. 5, KHON2 covered the story and noticed many kids riding their bikes across the highway to get to school.  Today, there were fewer kids biking and more parents walking them across the street.

“Kids are fearful to cross the road, they sit back at the wall instead of approaching the crosswalk and they need to be encouraged to become more visible,” said Liquorish.

“Amongst parents, there should have been something done already,” said one parent. “I mean, as soon as Tony wasn’t here, there was a staff member and parents who came down and just stepped up to the plate to try and cross the children, and were told they weren’t allowed to.”

The Honolulu Police Department and the DOE said that’s because individuals need special training through by HPD to become a school traffic monitor.

School traffic monitors are paid by HPD and work two hours a day, but the school needs to find someone willing to be interviewed, have a background check, be trained, and also meet the requirements.

“It’s hard for a lot of parents who are working, or are single parents who have kids in different schools to step up to the plate and handle the situation,” said one parent.

“Something needs to be done now, not after something goes wrong, and one of us loses are kids. We can’t have that,” Liquorish said.

The DOE said two names have been sent to HPD for school traffic monitor consideration so far.

As for Samuels, his sister tells said he is out of the hospital, recovering well, and is motivated to return to work. However, that might not be before the end of the year.

Those interested and able to support:

  1. Call Sunset Beach Elementary office 307-1000 and leave name, contact number and email
  2. The office will forward the info to HPD
  3. HPD will contact you for a meeting
  4. HPD will schedule a traffic monitor training session

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