Keiki Talk: What every parent should know before Halloween


Halloween is just a few days away and while many parents are preparing costumes for their keiki and buying candy for trick-or-treaters, there are other elements of the spooky night that might go overlooked.

This morning on Wake Up 2day, Dr. Allana Coffee joined us in studio to talk about what parents and keiki need to be aware of.

* Activities – Start a new tradition or consider daytime activities. There’s a lot to do in Hawaii.

* Costumes – Do a test drive ahead of time. Safety tips: find costumes that are comfortable and not too long. They can cause tripping, visibility, beware of pokey props like swords.

* Scary content – Reduce scare factor for little kids. Read Halloween picture books, teach the history and the different cultural views of Halloween.

* Food – Be aware of food and candy that pose risks of choking or allergic reaction.

* Traffic – Walkers and motorists. Bring flashlight and use crosswalks. Motorist slow down!

* Teens – Have a plan. Be transparent with destination, cell phones on, exchange numbers with friends, stay in groups and stick to the plan.

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