It was move out day for the Kealohas. Thursday was the last day the former Deputy Prosecutor and former Honolulu Police Chief were allowed to be in their Hawaii Kai home.

That’s according to a court order that came amid the criminal case against the couple. According to court documents, the couple still owed more than a million dollars on the Niumalu Loop home.

The Kealohas have been directed to vacate the home within fourteen days of the court order, which was issued on September 27th. The order states that back in September 2016, the Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union made a loan of more than a million dollars to the Kealohas. However, the Kealohas failed to pay their monthly mortgage payments.

After getting indicted last year, Katherine’s attorney says her client was suspended from her city prosecutor job, cutting the couple’s income in half. 

The Court finds that a private sale of the home is best for all parties as opposed to a foreclosure sale. 

Once the house is sold, Judge Puglisi said the mortgagee will satisfy its lien, then the rest of the money will be deposited to court and then to various stakeholders.