Kauai teen recovering from brain surgery


KHON2 has followed up with the young Kauai boy who went to California for brain surgery.

Kaikea Ahuna had a cancerous tumor at the base of his brain that required a delicate and complicated operation.

Asurgical team worked on the 14 year-old boy on Thursday. He is looking forward to returning to his favorite activities like volleyball and hula.

Thursday afternoon his father told KHON2 things went about as well as they possibly could have.

“Considering the circumstances you’re a really happy man tonight, true?” KHON2 asked.

“Yes it’s very very true and for the first time I saw him in ICU and I’m very very lucky to have happy to have had a conversation with him. Right now he looks great and we just want to move forward,” said Dan Ahuna, father of Kaikea Ahuna.

Ahuna says the surgery that was expected to take up to 12 hours was completed in 8 hours which is a good sign. He also says Kaikea was talking, alert, and the entire family is thankful for the doctors and all the support they’ve received from people in California and Hawaii.

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