The storm may be over but not relief efforts on Kauai. We also received some answers from the Mayor Sunday.

Mayor Bernard Carvalho held a meeting with residents from Wainiha and Haena. They’ve been isolated from the rest of the island for a week now.  
About 400 to 500 people showed up to the meeting. The county is trying to help them access basic needs that we take advantage of on a daily basis; therefore, issues like roads, sanitation, fuel, and even mail have been addressed. 

In the midst of destruction and devastation Mayor Carvalho did bring some good news.  

“I know they went through a lot of hardship and trauma within their families, but we were there simply to listen to them and give them the information they were asking for,” said the Mayor. 

Here are some of the challenges that were addressed:
-Officials are hoping to have an access road for emergencies available by May 7th.
-Residents were given bags because on Monday public works will begin collecting trash. 
-Each household will be able to get five gallons of fuel every week. 
-Mail will remain at the Kilauea Post Office until residents are able to pick it up.  

“We were able to work closely with the Colony Resort to help manage and host on property a medical center and so doctors and nurses are there on site and to-date we had 36 patients that came in,” said Mayor Carvalho. 

Many victims have lost everything, but what they’ve gained is hope thanks to the help and support of the community.  

“The amount of love and care has almost been overwhelming. Everyone’s needs I think have been met,” said Wainiha resident Stephanie Tarolli, “especially for the moms and children I noticed personally there’s been a lot of care. It’s been touching.”

Camp Naue and the Hanalei Colony Resort have been serving as distribution points for food, water and other provisions.

Those who wish to provide donations are asked to coordinate with KEMA at 241-1800. Accepted items include bottled water, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, diapers, and baby formula. 

Donations are currently being accepted at the following locations:
-Food Bank of Hawai’i – Kaua’i Branch (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
-Kaua’i Independent Food Bank (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)