Katherine Kealoha’s attorney says she wants charges against Louis dropped as part of the plea deal


Katherine Kealoha’s attorney has asked prosecutors to drop charges against her husband Louis Kealoha as part of a plea deal.

Louis’ attorney though doesn’t see a deal happening, and is preparing for the second trial.

The Kealohas were back in federal court Thursday to prepare for their second trial facing charges of bank fraud and identity theft. Katherine’s attorney, Earle Partington, says prosecutors have not offered much in their plea deal.

“The government’s offering right now that the Kealohas plead to everything and trust the government to do the right thing. I’m afraid I don’t trust the government,” said Partington.

As far as what she’s willing to accept?

“She wants her husband dropped from the second case. They’re very much working together and they want someone out to look after their daughter as soon as possible,” said Partington.

Barbee isn’t optimistic about a deal and is preparing to go on trial scheduled in January. He says, “It would be terrific to have the charges dropped. But I don’t see any move in that direction.”

The former police chief is already facing possible prison time. In June, a jury found the Kealohas and two HPD officers guilty of conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Barbee had asked the judge to push back the sentencing until after the second trial is over, but the judge denied that motion. Instead the judge agreed to push it back a couple of weeks to give them more time to prepare. As for the plea deal, Partington is still holding out hope.

“We’re gonna meet again in the future, probably this weekend and try to work something out and make a counter offer back,” he said.

Sentencing for the Kealohas is now scheduled for October 31. HPD officers Bobby Nguyen and Derek Hahn will be sentenced on November 4.

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