Katherine Kealoha got a visit at the Federal Detention Center Wednesday from her husband Louis Kealoha.

This is the first time he’s been allowed to do so since she was placed in custody in June.

A federal judge allowed the meeting so the couple can discuss a plea deal offer and their upcoming hearings.

KHON2 was the first to report that the federal government has offered a deal to Katherine and former police chief Louis Kealoha. His attorney, Rustam Barbee, told KHON2 on Wednesday,

“As with most cases, Mr. Kealoha will consider reasonable offers to resolve his remaining pending case.”

The Kealohas, along with two HPD officers, were found guilty of conspiracy and obstruction of justice in June, for framing Gerard Puana, Katherine’s uncle, for mailbox theft.

The couple is scheduled to go on trial in January for bank fraud and identity theft. Federal prosecutors say Katherine was the guardian of more than $167,000 set aside for Ransen Taito and his sister, which they say they never received.

Katherine is also scheduled for a third trial. This time for drug charges involving her brother Rudy Puana, a doctor on the Big Island.

Because Katherine and Louis are co-defendants, he has not been allowed to visit her at the detention center. Barbee says a judge approved the visit Wednesday, to discuss the plea deal and what to do with their appeal.

Katherine’s court appointed attorney, Gary Singh, and Barbee were also at the meeting.

Barbee has also asked the judge to delay Louis Kealoha’s sentencing, which is scheduled for October 15. A hearing for that is scheduled Thursday morning.