Kansas couple adopts abused cat after seeing rescue story online


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW/CNN) — We’ve all spent hours surfing the Internet and watching videos.

One couple found a story on the web that touched them so much, they drove for miles to do something about it.

Judy Powell and her husband, JT, saw Rockette’s story online here.

A fisherman found the cat beaten, shot several times with a pellet gun, and left in a sack on a Kansas riverbank.

“I just knew something spoke to me and said I needed to take care of this cat,” Powell said.

Miraculously, Rockette not only survived, she had kittens. But to fully fight her infections, those pellets and her eyes had to be removed.

“Within 48 hours, she just really turned around and you could tell she felt so much better, and she started to play and eat more,” said Deb Malick, Helping Hands Humane Society animal welfare director.

The Powells began sending donations for Rockette’s care and eventually asked if they could give her a home.

“How could you not love this cat? She needed someone to take care of her,” Powell said.

Helping Hands staff conducted several interviews to ensure the Powells could meet Rockette’s special needs.

This week, they made the five-hour trip to welcome their new addition.

“You don’t realize how long grandma has waited for this cat!” Powell exclaimed. “She’ll be taken care of, I promise.”

For the staff who spent six months nursing her back to health, it’s bittersweet.

“We’re so attached to her. She stayed in the medical center with us and we talked to her every day as we walked by and watched her start to learn to play with her toys and move around more and so yes, we’ll miss her,” Malick said.

But this is why they do what they do, to give all creatures a place to be loved.

“Wonderful, It makes my heart happy,” Malick said.

Rockette’s three kittens all found homes as well.

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