Kaimuki hosts Pop Warner coaches clinic


Kaimuki High School hosted a crowd of Pop Warner football coaches who crowded to the field for a coaching clinic.

The Bulldogs head coach David Tautofi was running things on the practice field. Before the youth coaches split into seven different rotating groups, they were inside for a classroom session on safety protocols, specifically surrounding concussions. This clinic is part of the Pop Warner coaches certification and it’s done annually. The relationship between the coaches at different levels is very mutually beneficial.

“Aside from all the technique of what they’re going to be teaching, I really hope that they take away a good sense of understanding of what their roles are as a coach,” said Tautofi. :Being a mentor. And understanding how important they are to the lives of the kids… More about life than the x’s and o’s. These coaches are already laying the foundation for the future of Hawaii high school football. So it’s a privilege and it’s definitely going to be a fun time with these guys.”

“It’s always a learning process, at any level, whether it’s the NFL or college or high school, or even the lowest level, mighty mites, tiny mites,” said Pop Warner coach Jay Alcisto. “It’s a collegial thing I think. Where we come up with ideas and sharing ideas. And that’s the key thing. When we’re teaching we’re also learning. Today, as in the past years, concussions is the main emphasis. And rightfully so. It’s sometimes hard to diagnose, even for the medical professionals, much less for coaches. So they give us the basic of what to look for… What to see. So, it’s ever-changing as well, for that particular diagnosis.”

The Bulldogs play Kalani to start the season on August 10th.

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