Kailua woman wakes up to stranger standing over her


It was a terrifying experience for a woman in Kailua. At about 1 a.m. Saturday, a stranger broke into her home on Kahako Street.

Neighbors say the woman was sleeping in her room, when she woke up to a sight that would frighten almost anyone.

“We heard a loud thump and our security light in the backyard turned on. Yelling in the middle of the night. Like I said, a loud thump, some crying. And just kind of woke up kind of startled. Not really sure what was going on,” said Cory Reeves, the woman’s next door neighbor.

“She said there was someone standing over her as she was waking up. And she yelled, so he ran out. And that was the end of the confrontation,” said Lacey Reeves, the woman’s next door neighbor.

The Reeves took their neighbor into their home and waited with her until police arrived.

“She saw a figure. A male possibly six feet. But it was too dark to see any description, any features of the face, anything,” said Lacey Reeves.

“[The suspect] opened that, went in through that window,” said Cory Reeves.

But what’s strange is that they don’t believe any valuables were stolen.

“Her laptops, her wallet, everything was still there. So he had come in and saw her sleeping and ran, I guess,” said Lacey Reeves.

We wanted to know what residents can do to better protect themselves from criminals. So we spoke to an expert to find out.

Titus Napoleon is with Aloha Alarm in Aiea. He says purchasing a home security system can serve as a deterrent.

“Knowing that there is a security system in the house, they’re more than likely not gonna wanna make the efforts of trying to break through that because you’re gonna have the sirens going off. Knowing that is a monitored alarm system, they have limited amount of time to try to rummage through things because they have the police on their way,” said Napoleon.

But what about the costs? Napoleon says home security systems have actually become less expensive in the last few years.

“So a lot of the alarm systems now days can run you anywhere from $199. Can start basic packages from there and then go up from there,” said Napoleon. “You don’t have to go Fort Knox, to say, right away. You can start out basic and simple and then grow from there as necessary.”

According to Aloha Alarm, home security systems aren’t just for home owners. Renters can also get them, but they should check with their landlord first.

As for Saturday’s break-in, no arrests have been made at this time.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call police.

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