Jury deliberation takes unusual turn in Capobianco murder trial


Jurors still can’t decide whether a Maui man is guilty of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Twelve jurors, six men and six women, have been deliberating for nearly two weeks now in the murder trial of Steven Capobianco for the death of Carly “Charli” Scott.

Since the trial began more than six months ago, they’ve had to sift through testimonies from more than 70 witnesses and review hundreds of items of evidence. Deliberations began Dec. 1.

There was an unusual turn of events in the courtroom this week. On Tuesday, jurors communicated with Judge Joseph Cardoza, saying so far, they had taken three votes, but were “too divided” and could not reach a decision.

In a twist, a juror contacted the bailiff 15 minutes after the jury left for the day to meet and express some concerns. That juror was brought into court Wednesday and spoke with the judge and lawyers. We don’t know what was said.

Former Honolulu prosecutor Peter Carlisle, who is not involved in this case, describes what happened as very unusual and something he’s never seen before.

On Wednesday afternoon, Cardoza said the juror’s concerns may or may not fully reflect the position of all 12 jurors. The jury then decided to continue deliberations.

They met for about five hours Thursday before ultimately calling it a day. An employee with the judge’s office says the jury did not try to communicate with him.

Jurors are scheduled to return to court Monday, Dec. 19.

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