Jellyfish influx closes Hanauma Bay


Hanauma Bay closed Friday because of an influx of jellyfish.

More than 60 stings were reported to lifeguards this morning.
Ocean Safety will assess the situation Saturday to determine if Hanauma Bay can reopen.
Other shores being affected by the monthly influx include Ala Moana and Waikiki which reported more than 40 stings.
We spoke with volunteers who help beach goers know what to look out for.

The important things to see, are the little jelly on the beach, they’re shiny, they’re reflective, they look like they shouldn’t be there, there something special. And if you do get stung report it to the lifeguard and let the life guards know what’s happening so they can not only treat you but they can make the other visitors aware of their presence, said volunteer Doc Hall.

You should also check in with a lifeguard before entering the water.

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