Jaylin Kema to return to court for probation violations, attorney needs more time to prepare


The attorney for Peter Boy’s mother, Jaylin Kema, needs more time to prepare to face the court over why she’s violating probation.

Kema brought her dog into the courtroom as she faced Judge Harry Freitas Thursday morning.

Kema’s probation officer, Ashley Miranda, reported Kema repeatedly tested positive for marijuana. Kema is forbidden from using marijuana under probation conditions.

Prosecutor Ricky Roy Damerville says one possible outcome Kema is facing is the judge taking away her probation and sending her to prison for 10 years.

Her attorney, Brian Delima, asked the judge for more time to prepare to face the court so Kema can consider her options.

“We could always set it for a hearing,” said Freitas.

“We don’t need a hearing, judge. We already talked about it,” replied Delima.

Though Kema is convicted of manslaughter for the death of her son, Damerville says it shouldn’t play a factor in the judge’s decision on how to handle the request to revoke her probation.

“You have to be very careful that you treat all probationers alike, so we don’t go back and say this person is on probation for manslaughter, therefore we’re not going to give them any chances on probation,” said Damerville.

The prosecutor adds Kema is currently going through difficult times.

“She does have a difficult set of circumstances, obviously. Some health issues. Her former source of support is now in prison,” he said.

Kema is due back in court Oct. 24 at 8:30 a.m.

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