ITT Tech closes more than 100 of its schools


A popular for-profit college is shutting its doors amid questions over how it operates.

ITT Educational services says it’ll close more than 100 of its ITT Technical Institute campuses immediately.

That impacts some 35,000 students, and about 8,000 people will lose their jobs.

ITT accused the federal government of forcing it to shut down after it barred the school from allowing any new students to use federal loans to pay for classes. But ITT has been under the radar of both federal and state investigators over its recruiting tactics, lending practices and job placement figures.

“We’ve had problems here in Hawaii, we’ve had problems all throughout the country where there’s been a lot of misrepresentations that have been engaged in by these for profit schools. The recruiter may say well you’re going to get a terrific job at a very high salary after you graduate from this school but really the proof is in the pudding and the proof a lot of times is non-existent,” said Office of Consumer Protection executive director Stephen Levins.

Just last year, for-profit Heald College in Honolulu shuttered its doors after its parent company Corinthian College was fined $30 million by the government for misleading students.

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