Is it possible to get your flu shot too early?


Have you gotten your flu shot?

Many of you have. With Hawaii’s flu season peaking later than the mainland, KHON2 wanted to know, is it possible to get your shot too early?

Doctors will usually be the first to tell you when it comes to flu season, there’s no crystal ball. It’s hard to predict when it will peak and just how effective the years vaccine will be. But as far as when to get the shot, Dr. Sarah Park with the Department of health says that’s clear, “The bottom line is it’s never too early and it’s never too late.”

Dr. Park says the goal is making sure everyone is as protected as possible, and that Hawaii is unlike the rest of the U.S. in that it has a year round flu season. But she says if you have the chance to get vaccinated, she recommends to do it whenever you can. “Which is not to say that you get a free pass, and don’t have to wash your hands. Or if you do get sick, you don’t have to cover your cough or your sneeze.”

Dr. Park says even though the peak of flu season is generally later in Hawaii, it’s still to early to tell when that will be. For parents who rely on the annual Stop Flu at School program to get their kids vaccinated — you’ll have to wait a little longer. The start of the program has been delayed until later this year, because of resources being diverted to fight the Hepatitis A outbreak. “That said if a parent has an opportunity to get their child vaccinated we highly encourage parents to go ahead and do so and take advantage of that opportunity.”

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