INspirational People: Olivia Stoetzer

INspirational People

Like the great Duke Kahanmoku, Olivia Stoetzer has mad skills in the pool, and shares the spirit of aloha wherever she travels

“Through my school I’ve had a bunch of different opportunities to go all over the world” said Stoetzer.. “Theres this global distinction program where you take a bunch of classes in hopes of being a better global citizen so in my four years I’ve taken model UN the whole 4 years, went to to a bunch of different conferences I’ve had a lot of fun with that”. 

She’s been on a service-learning trip to Cambodia, met with other young leaders in Philadelphia and Chicago. All while maintaining a 4.1 GPA. 

Here at home, Olivia is president of the student council at her school, Saint Andrew’s Priory, a girl scout., she even interned at the state capitol.

And for all her scholastic achievements, those that know her best say it’s Olivia’s attitude that really sets her apart. 

“She’s got a smile on her face all the time. For 6 years i don’t think I’ve seen a day where she hasn’t been smiling” said her coach Kevin Flanagan. “As a coach that tries to be firm and a little on the harder side some times its great because it reminds us as adults you know this is sports, you’re supposed to be happy, and that’s just a great trait to have and everyone around her knows that and sees it “

“Its really rare to meet teenagers that are committed and love more than one thing in different areas and Liv is one of those people” said her teammate. “That she loves committing to school and she’s committed to swimming 44 and she puts her heart and pours her heart into both things and she’s one of the most hardworking people I’ve met. 

And while she’s an accomplished swimmer…Olivia says academics are her priority, a duality that parallels the Duke himself. 

“I guess that swimming and sports were a major part of his life but it wasn’t his life and that he wanted to much more and we wanted to really be a part of the state and make sure it was safe and going in the right direction” said Stoetzer.

And she has some pretty lofty ambitions to make sure not just the state, but the world is going in the right direction. 

“I feel that as a person in this world i need to give back” said Stoetzer. “Especially because i’m part of the top 1 percent just by living in the us 355 and we can’t grow as a globe if now everyone is growing too 401 so as i go into college i really want to focus on international relations, human rights, economics, everything Love to learn and I want to solve problems.”

“I really never thought of myself as an ambassador of Aloha. I just thought of myself as a passionate person that really just wanted to change the world.”

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