Indictment claims Oki forged names to steal half-a-million dollars


Faked names and forged papers.

That’s what prosecutors accuse the managing partner of a Honolulu accounting firm of doing to steal half-a-million dollars.

Patrick Oki of PKF Pacific Hawaii was served with a 13-count indictment. On Tuesday, we learned more about the charges.

According to the indictment, Oki was involved with fraudulent reimbursement schemes, used false entries in the firm’s books, used company names and forged signatures.

A 16-page indictment against Oki accusing the managing partner of PKF Pacific Hawaii of theft, money laundering and forgery.

KHON2 found out he’s accused of writing false entries in PKF’s books using these companies: Kamakura Corp., AMC Associates, Asia Market Corp. and Sumitomo.

According to the indictment, the 45-year-old forged signatures using the fictitious names “Hide Tanaka” and “Gerald Woodard.”

“It was something that we’re of course, incredibly disappointed,” said Greg Dunn of the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii.

Dunn said PKF supported many of their functions and that the firm was accredited with the BBB for five years.

“Accreditation with the BBB is earned, it’s not paid for. It’s something that the company agrees to, abide by ethics, have to be transparent, honest and agree to work with customers most importantly,” Dunn said.

But PKF decided not to apply for re-accreditation just a few months ago.

“Why would a company decide to do that?” KHON2 asked.

“For any number of reasons. It could be financial. It could be that the owners decided they didn’t want to be affiliated with BBB,” Dunn said. “Perhaps the remaining principal of the company opted not to open himself up to additional scrutiny.”

KHON2 went to Oki’s home in Manoa to try to talk to him, but no one answered the door.

His attorney did not respond to voice mail or email and attorneys for PKF, which is located in downtown Honolulu, said they’re not ready to talk just yet.

A court hearing for Oki will be held Thursday morning.

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