The House Committee on Water, Land & Hawaiian Affairs today passed out HB 402 which establishes $35 million as the Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ pro rata share of the public land trust and transfers a lump sum of $139 million to OHA for underpayment of the public land trust funds.

The bill also requires the Department of Land and Natural Resources to provide an annual accounting of receipts from lands described in section 5(f) of the Admissions Act and establishes a committee to recommend the annual amount of the income and proceeds from the public land trust that OHA will receive annually.

Representative Daniel Holt (Kalihi, Pālama, Iwilei, Chinatown), co-chair of the Hawaiian Caucus, issued the following statement:

“This is a matter of fairness and our ability as a governing body to auamo kuleana (the responsibility we carry on our shoulders), this measure brings equity to decades long discussions and debates,” said Rep. Holt.

The bill now moves to the Finance Committee.