IN STUDIO: Democratic Party chair Tim Vandeveer


Howard Dashefsky spoke with the Democratic Party of Hawaii chair Tim Vandeveer about the current state of the primary race as well as the presidential race.

He says the Democratic Party has seen some major changes the past few years, saying it has “changed for the better” and that it has “absorbed new blood.”

Vandeveer referred an intensified progressive movement spurred by Bernie Sanders supporters.

He also weighed in on the races here in Hawaii, praising long-time Hawaii Island mayoral incumbent Harry Kim.

As for the Honolulu mayoral race, he says he expected some animosity with systemic problems like rail.

He adds: “Charles Djou, his political values, the electorate doesn’t necessarily shares those values.”

“Looks like from what I’ve seen so far from the printout, we’re going to have one democrat and one republican in this race.”

Vandeveer also relayed some concern the rest of the Democratic Party has expressed regarding cybersecurity following hacks targeting democrats that sparked controversies. He calls it “worrisome.”

He urged tightened security and for changes in leadership.

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