Imported case of dengue fever confirmed on Hawaii Island

hawaii island mosquito dengue spraying_129848

The State Department of Health has identified a single imported case of dengue on Hawaii Island. Vector control crews treated the person’s residence and adjacent properties Friday.

Officials stress this is a single imported case and there is no evidence to indicate a local transmission has occurred.

There have been no reported dengue cases attributed to local transmission since March.

As the summer approaches and more travel is anticipated, the public is reminded that the most effective method to reduce the spread of dengue or other mosquito borne illnesses is for everyone to avoid and prevent mosquito bites.

Wear clothing that minimizes exposed skin, use mosquito repellent, and avoid activities in areas of high mosquito concentration during the early morning and late afternoon periods when mosquito activity is greatest.

If you are feeling ill and unsure if you have dengue, remain indoors to avoid getting bitten and infecting mosquitoes and contact your health care provider.

Click here for information on dengue fever.

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