The petition to oust Honolulu Prosecutor Keith Kaneshior is being described as uncharted waters.

Tracy Yoshimura says he has more than 900 signatures on his petition that’s asking for Kaneshiro to be impeached. Judge Jeffrey Crabtree held a hearing Friday to discuss the next steps for the petition. There are currently no rules set for impeaching a city prosecutor.

Yoshimura’s attorney Keith Kiuchi said, “You have a very unusual procedure where you have a city prosecutor being the target of an investigation but what I hope it does is have our elective representatives put forth a process which we can follow and if the rulers aren’t written it makes it difficult for everybody to follow.

Kaneshiro did not appear at Friday’s hearing. The city’s attorney was there but said the office has not received a request from Kaneshiro to represent him.

Judge Crabtree set another status meeting for February 14, 2019.