Illinois mother, daughter give birth just weeks apart


(WREX/CNN) — Mother’s Day is twice as special for one Illinois family.

A young woman and her mom got pregnant at the same time. Their babies were born just a couple weeks apart back in March.

Last summer was full of big announcements and surprises for 19-year-old Maritza Zuniga and her mom, 37-year-old Marisela Martinez, both of Rockford.

The first was Martinez finding out she was having a baby. But little did anyone know that just weeks later, Zuniga would share the same news.

Anxious at first, but excited as the mother-daughter duo started a journey they never expected to take together.

During both pregnancies, there were ups and downs along the way. “She would get something before me and I’d learn from that,” said Zuniga, “or she’d get a symptom and I’d know that it was coming or how to deal with it.”

Finally, the big days arrived. Martinez’s baby boy, Mateo, was born first, and just 16 days later, Zuniga’s son, Isaak, came into the world.

Martinez already sees that her daughter is a great parent. “She loves him so much. It’s only one word — love.”

And in the adventure that lies ahead, Zuniga said it’s comforting to know her mom will be there to guide her.

“I just want to say thank you to my mom for being my mom and teaching me. She’s a really strong woman and I want to follow in her footsteps. I know everyone says their mom is the best mother — mine is the best, too.”

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