Illinois Comcast bill names customer ‘Super B—-‘


ADDISON, IL (WGN/KXLY/CNN) – For the second time in several weeks, Comcast is in hot water after a customer reports a vulgar find on a bill.

An Illinois woman says she received a bill referring to her by a profanity.

The owner of this one-story Addison home welcomes everyone who comes to the door.

“My personality’s nice,” Mary Bauer said of herself.

That personality, as well as the home, belongs to 63-year-old Bauer.

She says the first thing she does when she gets home from work is flip on her TV.

“I watch Lifetime, Hallmark, TCM,” Bauer said.

The glowing picture on her television, brought to her by Comcast, took months, Bauer says, to finally get on a consistent basis.

Her cable, she says, continually kept shutting off. She had to keep calling to get it fixed.

“I had 39 technicians in this whole month from November all the way to April,” Bauer said.

Someone along the way, Bauer says, finally got it right.

But then, she says her bills stopped showing up for four months in a row.

“I was even nice enough to call them to ask them how much I owe,” Bauer said.

She says she pays every month, and she says she never called them names or swear at the Comcast employees.

“I was a little hot, I was angry at them cause I never got good service,” Bauer said.

Not an unusual reaction, but when Bauer got her bill, well.

“When I came home at lunch, it says, ‘Super (bleep) Bauer.’ This is a disgrace to me. A disgrace. Why are they doing this when I pay my bills?” Bauer said.

That word we beeped starts with “B” and you can probably guess what it is.

The bill, by the way, was still sealed.

“I do not deserve this,” Bauer said.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a couple in Washington got a bill that was addressed to “A”, you know the rest, Brown.

All they did was try and cancel their service.

In Bauer’s case, Comcast says they are investigating the matter to determine the facts.

Bauer says she already knows the facts.

“And I’m not going to open this bill either until they send me a new one with my name on it, Mary. And I’m not going to be quiet about Comcast. I’m going to tell everybody not to get Comcast,” Bauer said.

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